Best Knicks Cameos

For those of you who are not aware, Baron Davis has a cameo appearance in the newest Adam Sandler dreck, That’s My Boy. No matter how much you love the Knicks, I still can’t recommend seeing that movie, based on the trailer and Adam Sandler’s post-Happy Gilmore track record. Davis has dabbled in the cinematic arts for several years, including another small role in the Betty White sitcom Hot in Cleveland earlier this season. We all know that the supposed draw of playing in New York is the exposure that players get and the ability to branch into other artistic endeavors that interest them (for instance, Tyson Chandler’s recently revealed cape fetish). Over the years, several other Knicks have had notable cameo appearances, allowing them to strut their acting chops. Check out some of our favorites after the jump (Note: these are only appearances where the player was credited for a role other than “self,” so Patrick Ewing’s performance in Space Jam does not qualify).

Bernard King as Matt Ferguson in Miami Vice.

I know the easy choice would have been Bernard’s role in Fast Break, starring alongside Mr. Kotter, but this clip is too good to pass up. Frankly, Bernard doesn’t do much, but play basketball and over-celebrate made free throws. That said, a 30 year old, over-the-hill, slightly out of shape, Bernard King playing a college player is pretty heady stuff. But the real creamy center of this clip is the series of under-edited cutaway shots of Bill Russell acting like he’s on ecstasy while simultaneously having an “I’m screaming but no noise is coming out” nightmare.

Anthony Mason, John Starks, and Herb Williams as Pickup Players in Eddie. (7:00 mark of this clip)

Obviously, the late great Malik Sealy and Gary Payton are meant to be the stars of this scene, but I think it’s safe to say that Anthony Mason’s haircut really steals the show. Also, this was the most court time Herb Williams saw during the entire 1995-1996 season.

Senator Bill Bradley as Teammate #1 in The Cosby Show

This is another situation where a former Knick is just playing hoops. Although Bradley does some notable yeoman’s work on the glass and throws at least one sweet Unseldian outlet to a streaking Heathcliff Huxtable, the most notable part of this clip is the raging apathy exhibited by the writers of The Cosby Show. The premise behind this episode appears to be “Bill Cosby and Bill Bradley will go play basketball against a bunch of women with Jack Sikma perms, we’ll film it, and then we’ll film the Huxtable family watching the tape and extemporaneously ragging on Cliff.” I’m not sure you can even call this “writing.”

Carmelo Anthony as Wayne in Nurse Jackie

Melo NAILS the performance in the first half of this clip, where all he has to do is look bored and uninterested in the proceedings around him. You know, acting like Carmelo Anthony. Then things go off the rails when he actually has to act. Zing! (Kidding, Melo. We love you. Thanks for that awesome run at the end of the season!)

John Wallace and Walter McCarty as Lonnie “Dub” Dukes and Mance Rayder Little in He Got Game (4:00 minute mark of this clip).

That goofy “Number 1!!!” from John Wallace gets me every time. What’s even more remarkable is that a guy who shows as little on-screen charisma as Walter McCarty is capable of knocking out smooth R&B hit after baby-making music hit.

Amar’e Stoudemire as Kevin on The Exes

Yeah, I didn’t know this show existed either. We should give credit to Amar’e for being brave enough to take a role wherein his love interest is an old drag queen, though. I think that speaks volumes about the guy and I respect his willingness to embrace alternative lifestyles.


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    I can’t believe you are backtracking on your love for Waterboy.

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